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Welcome to Vegas Walks, professionally guided walking tours of Downtown Las Vegas and the famous Las Vegas Strip.
Vegas Walks tours have been faithfully researched through every means possible to provide you with accurate, interesting and absolutely fascinating off-the-beaten-path stories about our peerless city.

Our guides are professionally trained, offering animated presentations of our research and making each Walk as fun as it is informative.

To top things off, we’ve added vintage photographs to support our guide’s narrative. Walkers can see, on the spot, how Las Vegas has grown from a dusty watering hole into an international resort destination.

A Message from our founder…

My family and I have been fortunate to have traveled in North America, Asia and Europe. While traveling, walking tours have been a highlight of many of our trips, giving us a fascinating insight into some of the cities we have visited--and some priceless photographs as mementos.

True, Las Vegas isn’t as old as Venice or house as many museums as London., but it stands alone as one of the most unique and colorful cities in the world.

My hope for Vegas Walks is to share some of the rich, endearing, often brash, intrepid, whimsical, courageous and sometimes nefarious stories about Las Vegas gathered from private journals, letters, personal interviews, obscure newspaper articles, out of print books and hundreds of hours of research with you, the Walker.

On behalf of the Vegas Walks staff, we hope you enjoy your tour of our spectacular city and treasure it as a keepsake for years to come.

Joan Kane


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